Pok Pok Thai Street Food


Another weekend, another Thai place. However, despite the comparisons to Chin Chin and slight modern influences, I wouldn’t call it fusion or qualify this restaurant in my “Modern Asian” reviews. As the name indicates, the menu is inspired by Thai street food, the owner was born in Bangkok and items like “Hainanese chicken”, I wouldn’t exactly call modern.


In contradiction to this, the decor definitely screams ‘modern’ (and PINK) from the giant pink elephant and stairs at the entrance, to the pink bar stools in the dining area and large-lantern lights. I felt a little deceived by other blog photos, believing the restaurant to be quite large. However the above picture is the biggest section.  On the other side, there were benches and more stools but not many seats in that area. We were seated to the far left of the above picture, after walking down a little runway (below) to a corner where we were lucky enough to have our own table.


To start off I ordered an obligatory Thai iced milk tea and my friend ordered an iced coffee. I’m familiar with Vietnamese iced coffees but not Thai ones. The Thai one is less strong, but not too watery and quite tasty. We enjoyed it enough to order another one, allowing me to steal some more sips from my friends’ glasses. My Thai iced milk tea was as expected, although perhaps a tad less flavoursome than others I have tried before – I prefer it a little more orange!  The little silver bowls (below) were for our water.


We all ordered a meal each with the intention of sharing, and I also suggested the Bangkok Style Fresh Spring Rolls ($7.50, below) as I’d read some good things about them. The ingredients were indeed fresh (chicken, tofu, chinese sausage, beanshoots) but I just felt the pastry/roll part of the dish was bland. It was served with dijon mustard on the side, which I’m not a fan of generally and didn’t seem to go with the spring rolls.

In the end, I had to use some of the dipping sauce that came with our crispy roti bread for our curry – not sure what it was, it was clear with chopped chillies – to make the dish flavoursome enough to eat.


Speaking of the curry – I chose the Massaman Lamb Curry with Crispy Roti Bread ($14.50, top left) and we all loved it. It also came with potatoes, onions and cashews. It had the typical curry flavour, it wasn’t spicy but slightly sweet – and in a good way. The sauce just kept us coming back to that dish for more, and I was happy enough to not hog all the lamb and drizzle the sauce on my rice to savour it. The “waxy potatoes” (as written on the menu) were cooked with the skin on, which gave an enjoyable texture to the ingredient.

The crispy roti was also flaky and addictive, but we got confused whether to dip it in the aforementioned clear, chilli sauce or the curry itself. I went for the curry! My only issue with this dish, is that it should come with more roti bread and well more of everything really (a bit more ingredients and more sauce). But I guess for a reasonable price of $14.50, compared to the prices of Chin Chin, I shouldn’t complain too much.


One of the others, in the mood for soup, ordered the Tom Yum King Prawns ($12.50, above). It wasn’t packed with ingredients, coming with only two prawns, but we enjoyed the chilli soup. Finally, my other friend ordered the Twice Cooked Pork Hock “Khao Kha Moo” ($11.50, bottom left), which was passable but nothing amazing.


The dishes were good, the curry a favourite and the service so-so. We asked for an extra rice, as it didn’t come with the curry, but they seemed to forget. We didn’t bug them as we thought we’d finish our current rice first. When we reminded them later, they brought it out and a man, who I assume is the owner, came over to apologise as they were overwhelmed by a large group of people who came in. Still, rice shouldn’t be too troublesome, but it was nice that he apologised personally.

The other issue is its location, being a bit out of the way in Docklands, it’s not really worth going out of your way unless you want to try that curry. I’ve also heard the Roast Pork Belly and Dry Peppercorn is quite good but you can judge for yourself and let me know! They’re also open for breakfast which sounds interesting – and apparently do very good coffee.

Pok Pok Thai Street Food is open Mon-Wed 7am-4pm, Thu-Fri 7am-10pm and Sat 6-10pm. 

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