Mission #1: Choosing Vegie Meals

In line with my first mission, I thought in addition to eating at vegetarian places, that I would try opt for the vegetarian dishes at everyday restaurants. And so the challenge began at my local (near work), Miss Jackson.

20140807_130255I’ve visited previously, and liked the hidden nature of the place. It almost blends into the housing on that street.

My friend’s lamb and quinoa salad was too pretty not to take a picture of, but there was hardly any lamb. The trend with this place is that although it is quite homely, the servings just don’t seem to be enough.


And so I resisted the temptation of bacon, salmon and trout and decided to go for something I wouldn’t usually choose – potted avocado, a poached egg and pumpkin bread.


The presentation was adorable and my egg perfectly poached, but the standard breakfast these days tends to have two eggs, especially when you have two pieces of bread. There was also the option of adding salmon but I resisted.

I think another egg would have done the trick, but it’s lucky we ordered a bowl of skinny fries and aioli, perfect to snack on on the side!


Despite the small servings, this place definitely houses the cute factor and is nice and quieter than the busier Fitzroy St. I haven’t tried the coffee but I have tried Allpress coffee (which they use) and enjoyed it, so the signs look good.

Miss Jackson is located at 2/19 Grey St and is open Tue-Sun 7am-4pm.

Miss Jackson on Urbanspoon

The next challenge was when we were ordering takeaway for the weekend. As we were at the Emporium, the Japanese food of Rice Workshop was appealingly cheap and offered a variety of options that sounded tasty.


On my first visit, I didn’t mind the pork katsu, but this time didn’t impress at all. I ordered the tofu steak, which was really bland. You’re probably thinking, “But it’s tofu”, yet there was a complimenting sauce to add some flavour – it just happened to be right at the bottom of the dish.

As I discovered last time, the bowl was also packed with rice to ensure it looks full. In addition to that, they forgot a boiled egg for one dish, so this occasion has really put me off.

Rice Workshop is located at the Emporium, 321 Lonsdale St on Level 3.

Rice Workshop on Urbanspoon

The last spot might be unexpected, but it’s where we often hold film festival meetings as they have separate rooms that you can conveniently book. The Royal Melbourne Hotel serves your typical pub food, and the good thing about pubs is their ‘Specials‘ nights.

The $12 pizza and drink meal, and the delicious, crusty smell in the air, ensured I couldn’t go past a Veg-O pizza with roasted pumpkin, olives, capsicum, mushroom and more.


This helped remind me that pub food ain’t all that bad, especially when there is a satisfying amount of topping. I really enjoyed the pumpkin as it added a different texture compared to the meaty pizzas I’m used to, whilst the olives weren’t too strong.

Royal Melbourne Hotel is located at 629 Bourke St and I believe the kitchen closes around 8.30-9pm. Check out their menu here.

Royal Melbourne Hotel on Urbanspoon

Is there a great vegetarian meal that you’ve had at an everyday restaurant? If so, comment below!

A reminder that my chosen mission for this month is to raise awareness of the Environmental Film Festival Melbourne, which I work for! We launched our program this week, so check it out here. With patrons such as Bob Brown, inspiring films from countries such as France and India, and a kid’s film narrated by Cate Blanchett, there is something for everyone!

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  1. Jess Carey says:

    I love this idea – I’ve been trying to eat more vegetarian meals too lately, having been a little unwell and trying to work out if it’s meat/gluten/sugar etc that’s making things worse.. for brunches, I loved the berries and brioche I had at Ascot Food Store last week, and the bircher at Lady Bower Kitchen in Reservoir is unreal!

    • Monique says:

      Thanks, it’s certainly a change for me 🙂 Berries and brioche sounds amazing! And Lady Bower isn’t far from me, so also handy to know – thanks for the tips!

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