Mission #2: QV Hideaway

As mentioned in a recent post, one place that I thought would be great for this mission is the temporary QV Hideaway popup. It’s a bit unique in that it is undercover, but placed in QV Square in the open.


The interior has an outdoor, spring sort of feel, sharing the essence of my mission this month. By putting it undercover, but with a see-through roof, they have intelligently ensured it is not weather dependent but not compromised the garden setting.

Meanwhile, there are some tables along the outside of the popup in case you prefer to sit out in the fresh air and enjoy your coffee.


It is essentially a cafe and nice catch up spot housing Milky Joe’s baristas in the corner. There are interesting spots to sit such as the nest above, wooden blocks with cushions or nice, bright orange sofa chairs.

In addition to the bright colours, I enjoyed the intricate floral decorations around Milky Joe’s, which really caught the eye and emphasised the spring theme.


As part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, it has also housed many workshops and events, such as cocktail masterclasses, which they were setting up for below.

Unfortunately, this is the popup’s last weekend, with no more events, but Milky Joe’s will still be operating 12-5pm on both days so you can still drop by!


I used to work as an intern on Queen St, however I would trek over to QV first to get my morning coffee from Milky Joe’s. It’s more bitter than some places, but it is just what you need if you really need that strong caffeine hit.

Unfortunately when I visited the hideaway, the coffee took a while with only two staff members and a handful of people waiting. I made use of this time by walking around to take a few snaps.


I love the concept of this hideaway and only wish I could have enjoyed it to its potential, by relaxing and catching up with people there and participating in some of their events.

The popup made good timing with Mon’s Mission #2! But I only hope I can squeeze in a few more places before the end of September, as I feel I haven’t been as active as last month (surprisingly, because that’s when I was really busy!). I’m already pondering what my next mission should be, when I should really be focusing on which outdoor place to drop by next!

Milky Joe’s is the QV Hideaway’s featured cafe. After the 21st September, the Hideaway will disappear but Milky Joe’s cafe is open in the QV Urban Market Mon-Fri 6.30am-4.30pm and Sat 7.30am-3.30pm.

Milky Joe's on Urbanspoon


    • Monique says:

      They really do! Wondering what will pop up for summer..? I remember back in my school days they didn’t do too much with it, so good to see they’re being more creative now.

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