Mission #2: Pony Cafe

Along the banks of the Yarra River and just further down from Federation Square, you will find a lovely outdoor spot. It’s perfect for a day out with kids or pets.


I happened to stumble across Pony on social media and when I saw their call out to bring kids and dogs to this outdoor cafe, I knew this would be perfect for September’s mission – only if Melbourne’s weather cleared up.

Luckily, it was much nicer for weather than the confusing and ominous day of high tea. Still a little breezy, the sunshine made sure to warm you up, whilst families were out and about at this cafe by the Artplay building and playground.


The cafe serves small meals such as toasties, croissants and porridge. As it was late in the day my friend ordered a latte whilst I ordered an iced latte.

The coffee was a bit too hot to drink, so I couldn’t taste much due to this. However the iced latte was good – it had a hint of bitterness diluted by ice, making it just right to accompany the warmer weather.


Behind and around the corner of the counter were some more wooden seats and tables surrounded by plants, and a water bowl for any canine friends.

With the shade already dawning on these spots, it was no surprise they were empty.

outdoorsWe sat on their outside wooden area, full of mothers calling out at their children and cute mini tables and chairs for toddlers. And yes, we fit in the chairs too.

The Artplay building, an art centre for children, is surrounded by a playground and large rocks that I saw parents helping their children climb.
hillMeanwhile the green hill is perfect to lie on and relax whilst at the bottom of the hill, many a father and son were playing with soccer balls or footballs. What a perfect day to spend out – just check out that clear blue sky!

This spot is catered to families, but with a relaxing areas on the hill or the Yarra River a few steps away, it’s also perfect for a coffee and some quiet time.


It’s a shame there are not more cafes like this, so I hope it starts a trend for more family oriented cafes. It definitely provides something more active and exciting than a corner of the cafe with toys to occupy them!

Pony Cafe is located along Princes Walk, Birrarung Marr Park and is open Tue-Fri 8am-4pm and 9am-4pm on weekends. Check out their menu here.

Pony Cafe on Urbanspoon


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