Mission #2: The Farm Cafe

I set out the other day to meet Melbourne Food Blogger for coffee and in line with my outdoors mission, we decided to give The Farm Cafe at Collingwood Children’s Farm a go.

As I walked along Johnston St, I wondered several times if I was in the right place, as the street was not too busy with pedestrians. After passing another place on my to-go-list, Admiral Cheng-Ho, I thought I was getting warmer.


The farm is located near Abbotsford Convent, where there was a Farmer’s Market, so I began to see couples and families strolling down the street and this interesting form of transportation above!
entryIt was a lively atmosphere for 10am in the morning but understandable given there was a market and farm in the same vicinity. It was also an amazingly sunny Saturday.
thefarmcafeOne path leads to the farm whilst a shared bicycle and pedestrian track winds past the entrance to The Farm Cafe. It’s lovely to see a family destination provide more than just canteen food.
cafe entranceThe cafe looked lovely and cute even from the outside. There was a wait as expected but they provide you with a buzzer to let you know when your table is ready. A table for two was about a 15-20 minute wait, which was reasonable.
picnicWhilst you wait, you can stroll around the farm (there is a limit in kilometres from the cafe with the buzzer but I can’t remember how much!) or laze in the sun.

As I waited for Rob/Melbourne Food Blogger I decided I would lounge on these picnic rugs placed on the grass just outside the cafe. A great concept except that I could see some food stains from previous visitors.

insideWhen we were finally called in we were placed in a shady bench corner. No complaints, as I was just happy to be seated. The interior was quite lovely and as your peer out over the other side, there are some lower levels of the farm with more seating out under the sun.
applejuiceRob had some sort of apple juice crush, which seemed nice and icy for the warm day and needed to be mixed around a bit with the straw. Can I, once again, point out the utter inconvenience of these paper straws? They get soggy so quickly and become hard to drink out of.
latteMeanwhile, I ordered a classic latte and it’s rare that I love the taste of coffee – but I did. I wanted to savour the froth and the coffee itself, it was not too bitter and had just enough milk. I think I could have downed another one, if caffeine didn’t affect me so easily.

There is always some con amongst all the pros, and this was that Rob’s French toast took a ridiculous amount of time to come out. It took about 30-40 minutes and it looked like someone who ordered after us, received their French toast first. It was not until we asked about the order, that it came out swiftly after.

I appreciate the warning about wait times for a table, but there should be one for food too if they know they are busy. Unfortunately, at this point I had to leave Rob, but hopefully next time we have a less rushed meetup! He tells me the French toast tasted great, like a good old classic. Thanks to Rob for joining me on my outdoors mission and don’t forget to check out his blog here.

Collingwood Children’s Farm and The Farm Cafe is located at 18 St Heliers St, Abbotsford. It is open seven days a week 9am-4pm. Check out their menu here.

Farm Cafe on Urbanspoon


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