Mission #2: Grub Food Van

Not wanting to pass the opportunity to try more outdoor eateries, I squeezed in another spot on the weekend: Grub Food Van.


This was recommended to me by both A Melbournite and Melbourne Food Blogger. I was immediately drawn to the place as it basically had me at “table tennis tables.”


And the place did not disappoint. The van, bought from Ebay from Iowa, greets you immediately and the open dining space is littered with quirky items, standard for Fitzroy.

Cute umbrellas, brightly coloured rugs and vibrant flowers surround the area. The staff are as equally vibrant, giving the impression of people who enjoy their work.


We sat at this adorable tyre table above, whilst this fridge sitting outdoors actually held items such as cutlery.


The menu is seasonal, and similarly to Trunk Diner, had some Latin and American influences, with dishes such as a chorizo stew and a Ruben sandwich. The difference is Grub executes it well.

My friend enjoyed her coffee whilst I went with a blood orange and mint lemonade – refreshing whilst the mint was not too overpowering. I’ll be excited to try more of their drinks in summer, I noticed De-brief Me’s recent blog post even features a papaya slushie!


My friend went for the Omelette of the Week – we had no idea what all the ingredients were as the waiter listed them (except for Spanish peppers and corn), but we thought we’d try it anyway!


Whatever was in it, it tasted quite good, with its various ingredients scattered throughout. Due to the seasonal menu they didn’t have any mushrooms to add as an extra, but understandable as it doesn’t really feature in any other dish.

I ordered the Grub Egg and Bacon ($19), with smoked tomato jam, pink fir rosti, bacon steak and a hazelnut salad. The rosti was crispy yet thick with steaming hot potato inside and the unique jam tasted like a fancier BBQ sauce. I enjoyed all its components, even the light hazelnut salad on the side, although had to adjust to the use of nuts in the dish.


It’s been a while since I have had such a nice, relaxed experience with good food and drink to top it off. Next time we will make sure to bring Amicus the golden retriever! The only issue was I was hungry again soon after, but I have a big appetite to satisfy.


Grub is also open for dinner, with a less extensive menu, but sources tell me they partner with other eateries for dinner occasionally, so I’ll be sure to keep an eye out.

Grub Food Van is located at 87-89 Moor St, Fitzroy. It is open Tue-Thurs and Sun 8am-5pm and Fri-Sat 8am-9pm. Their online menus are subject to change due to market availability, so you might be in for a surprise on the day!

Grub Food Van on Urbanspoon


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