Mission #2: Final Report

It has been an overwhelming ride this month, with the film festival I volunteer for finishing up on the 12th September and the remainder of the month allowing me to find some spare time again!

This meant my weekends were open for adventures and missions once again. As I embarked on my second theme, my outdoors mission, I felt like I was also somewhat taking a journey of Melbourne’s coffee. One look at my Instagram and I see more coffee posts than usual.


Why is this? Well I guess as the capital of the best coffee, many shops are focusing on providing the best coffee they can and only small bites to accompany it. From places like QV Hideaway to Pony Cafe, these spots didn’t provide an extensive menu, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes to enjoy the atmosphere, you don’t need much but a good beverage to accompany you.

I also held a lovely afternoon tea with my supporters and friends at Two Beans and a Farm, and the desserts provided were spot on.


So where was my favourite this month? I guess the final visit has made a lasting impression – Grub Food Van. Like many of the other spots, the venue was family and pet friendly but it just had that extra edge with its ping pong tables, creative menu and lovely service.


Without a question, this place has made me want to come back, whether it’s for another brunch in the sun or for a dinner experience. My co-worker even said she knows someone who got married there!

If you missed some of the other places I tried, click below:
Jam and Cream Caravan
QV Hideaway
Two Beans and a Farm
Pony Cafe
Trunk Diner
The Farm Cafe

My inspiration for this month came from the blossoming spring weather and emergence of Melbourne’s sun. It was great to have a theme that wasn’t a particular cuisine, as it made me work hard to research and find suitable places. October’s mission kind of has two sides to it. I’m sure I will get many recommendations too, so visit again later this week to find out what it is!



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