Mission #3: Yarraville Gardens

Considering I was kind-of-almost in the westside the other day (Kensington), I thought for Mission #3, that I would stop by Yarraville Gardens and experience the food truck hype.


From pictures, I only really ever saw the long line of food trucks and people sitting along the wall. But Kenny from CTS did mention a lot of people bring picnic blankets to sit in the park and I saw people with fold-up chairs too.

It was lovely to see so many dogs as well! There are a few areas where signs say dogs must be on-lead, and somewhere it says they can be off-leash with some time restrictions. But I saw a lot off-leash so no one really seemed to mind! Here’s Amicus meeting another goldie.


I loved the retro look of the Happy Camper pizza van – reminding me very much of the Grub Food Van.


Sliders on Tyres sounded appealing to me when I first heard of it, but I was afraid it would just be like any other mini burgers and decided to leave it for another time. There was plenty of variety – Greek, burgers, Argentinian, French (the Creme Brulee Cart) and some of the usuals.


Mr Burger was present, but I feel it’s everywhere these days so people weren’t really interested. There seemed to be a great deal of food trucks but the food didn’t sound amazingly different to anything we’ve seen before.

What really seemed to make this place likeable is the family and social atmosphere. It’s perfect to bring your kids and dogs out to play, to have a date night or even catch up with friends after work. It seemed suitable for everything and made it a really fun atmosphere. I can imagine it really growing in summer.

Hammer and Tong
When my friend asked, “What am I going to eat?” I mentioned her favourite Hammer and Tong soft shell crab would be present and she was immediately sold.


Hammer and Tong recently launched their food truck and it features their most popular dish from their Fitzroy location. Having tried Top Paddock’s soft shell crab burger, I still believe Hammer and Tong wins with its spicy sriracha mayo. My friend said it was better in the restaurant but to me it still tasted delicious.

I noticed it was particularly quiet though because of the crazy Fitzroy brunch prices. With prices such as $14 for the soft shell crab and $16 for a lobster roll, I don’t feel like the casual Western suburbs is the place for this truck.

Check out the Hammer and Tong Food Truck here and keep up to date with their location here.

Hammer & Tong Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Gorilla Grill
As I pondered up and down the number of trucks, I was drawn to the American meets Asian food of Gorilla Grill. I’d seen their name pop up quite regularly and looking at the line, it made me think this might be worth it! I also loved the idea of Korean tacos after the success of KOBA.
20141010_191517So I went with the Korean pork tacos as the pictures looked mouthwatering. But unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations. The wait was long whilst my friend had her Hammer and Tong burger in no time.
20141010_190930Understandably this truck was busier. But the food just didn’t justify the wait. They mistakenly gave me vegetarian tacos – I wouldn’t order this if I was vegetarian, quite bland – and when they gave me the correct ones it almost looked the same. The pork was just hiding at the bottom and there wasn’t much of it.

When I got to the pork it did have the distinct taste of spicy Korean meat, but there was not many other pros for me. I might be willing to give them another try for their ribs and since the truck seems to have such good feedback, but this night didn’t do it for me. I would definitely choose the tacos at KOBA over this.

Gorilla Grill is often at Yarraville Gardens but keep up to date with their location here.

Gorilla Grill on Urbanspoon


  1. Jess Carey says:

    So disappointing getting average food after a long wait, I feel your pain 😦

    That soft shell crab just looks magnificent every time I see if, kicking myself that I STILL haven’t tried it!!

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