Mission #3: Batman Market

A new market launched last weekend, but I’m sure you’ve already heard. Coburg is a growing hub of markets, already hosting the Trash and Treasure and Farmer’s Market. It has now launched Batman Market and promised to bring an abundance of food stalls as well as a multicultural atmosphere.


Street parking is available but it is also located right next to Batman Station. What attracted me was the idea of so many food stalls and their theme of multiculturalism for their launch weekend. I read somewhere that they were hoping for about forty food stalls.


It wasn’t as big as we expected but there was definitely plenty of food, including plenty of mobile stalls and food trucks to fit into Mission #3!


There was French food, Indian, Argentinian, Vietnamese, Singaporean and so much more. I noticed this area below with tables and chairs solely for people to sit down and eat – a very handy idea because it’s always difficult walking around a market trying to eat food such as crepes whilst squeezing through the crowd.


It was a lovely sunny day so no surprise that the ice-cream stalls were out and about, including my favourite N2 Extreme Gelato. They even recognised me as I walked past – a sure sign that I visit them and their other popups way too often. But it’s always impressed me that their nitrogen dessert creations are able to be made anywhere.



I loved the decoration and atmosphere of Overdosa’s stall setup – a mobile Indian street food van. It was so elaborate and lively. The impact has ensured that I would definitely like to try them one day when I run into them again.


In addition to other performances, some lion dancing ensued and the lions danced through the crowds. I really enjoyed the effort to make the day multicultural and not just via the use of food stalls.


We strolled past many more food stalls and somehow this pizza stall, Hatful of Steam, even brought their woodfire oven. This theme of ‘mobile’ food just continues to impress with innovativeness.


On the other hand,  I was looking forward to seeing the Vietnamese truck Nuoc Mama, but it just didn’t appeal to me. The banh mi or baguettes had already sold out, not to mention they cost $12, much more expensive than your suburban Vietnamese! I also noticed kimchi fries were on the menu and couldn’t quite figure out why they were on a Vietnamese menu.


I know it more loosely serves ‘street food’ and they are trying to be unique against other competition,  but the prices and thought that I could get similar at home for free deterred me. I haven’t tried their food – it might be great – but I prefer the idea of authentic and cheaper stuff in the suburbs.

juiceJust before we left my friend decided to try some simple fruit juice from a Vietnamese lady. You simply told her what fruits you wanted and she was running out of fruits, as she didn’t expect it to be so popular!

Meanwhile, I went for a light snack of a chorizo sandwich ($8) from Senor BBQ.  I’d seen them a few times and after the tasty La Morenita, I thought it would be great to try similar food and compare.


It definitely didn’t fill me up, but the flavour from the mix of herbs in the Argentinian ‘chimichurri’ sauce really jump out at you.

I think eventually the hype will die down for Batman Market,  but what a lot of people will drop by for is the food.


Senor BBQ on Urbanspoon

Unfortunately Melbourne continues to be expensive in all areas, so even food trucks/stalls can’t charge typical street food prices as it simply doesn’t cover.

Nevertheless, check out Batman Market as it grows, exhibiting some of Melbourne’s finest and newest foodie trends and let me know what you think of the market in the comments! Batman Market is open everyday Saturday and Sunday from 9am-3pm and is located at 14-22 Gaffney St, Coburg.


  1. allergicinmelb says:

    Overdosa does look so pretty! Looks like a nice day out. I’m also finding that food trucks are ridiculously expensive. Is that a new thing or did I just not realise it before?

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