Mission #3: Foodie Failures and More

The risk with your meals relying on food trucks and stalls is their unpredictability – will their truck break down, will they sell out of your favourite food, will business be quiet due to a thunderstormy night…?


On my mission to find mobile food/a food truck around the CBD I tried to use the Where The Truck At website, despite knowing that it’s really not that useful unless the food trucks update their profiles and destinations.

Hence, I was interested to try Round the Way, which serves bagel burgers, and were supposedly at Upper West Side that day until 8pm near Southern Cross.


As I ventured to the Spencer St side of the CBD I realised how I never really walked anywhere other than Collins and Bourke St on that side. As I tried to spot some hidden area where a food truck might hide, I found this walkway decked out with bicycles on walls, which I assume is where they were supposed to be.

There was even a window saying “Truck Stop” whilst the Made by Melbourne sign mentioned that trucks would often stop by at lunch.


It was the evening after a day of work, thus I could only assume that business was quiet and that the truck left…the difficulty with trucks is that you can’t exactly call them to ask where they are and you have to rely on their social media for any updates (I couldn’t see any). Nevertheless, I was glad I stumbled across this cool spot, and would love to know if anyone works near the area and actually sees it come alive at lunch time.

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I hope you enjoy all of them!

Help Amicus get a new hip for his first birthday!
Finally, I would like to call out to anyone who would like to donate to our crowdfunding campaign for Amicus, our best golden retriever friend, who has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and requires a hip replacement surgery worth $6,000. He has only just turned one year’s old and this condition is rare for a puppy so young. We want him to have the best life, so if you can spare anything please click the following link and I thank you for your kindness in advance.



    • Monique says:

      Ohh how annoying for it to be the norm! It’s important to be across all your social media for updates and questions in Aus, as people often ask things there!

      • English speaking countries, & a lot of other countries at that are so good at the social media & digital thing in general! Unfortunately, other countries like Japan just haven’t woken up to the digital age. There are so many businesses here that don’t even have a Facebook page, let alone a proper standalone website! We obviously don’t need to talk about Twitter, Instagram etc. Drives me nuts!

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