Mission #3: Final Report

Well that is the end of another month, another mission, albeit a much quieter and slow-paced one! It’s amazing how fast time flies but also nice to have time to yourself to rest, especially as it nears towards the end of 2014 and all you need is a break.

I gladly still managed to write about some mobile food stalls and trucks. I did keep missing the Taco Truck memo at the front of work this month, which would have been so suitable! But let’s just say I hardly eat tacos but the first time I tried this truck, I LOVED them, especially the fish one! So that’s a pretty good feat. Hopefully I’ll catch them before the end of this year.


Taco Truck on Urbanspoon

This mission has emphasised the growing food culture of Melbourne and its food trucks, almost impossible to count and keep track of all of them. But it has also emphasised their high prices – don’t expect your visit to food trucks to be much cheaper (if they are at all) than your average restaurants.


Nevertheless – it’s a craving or desire to try the latest, funkiest pop-up stalls and trucks in Melbourne and there’s no harm in fulfilling this.

So the question is – where was my favourite place last month? Secretly, I wish I could include the Grub Food Van again but that would be unfair!

I think it would have to go to Eggy – the egg puffle stall at Laverton Market. I had never seen these flavour-filled-waffles before, having never been to Hong Kong where they are popular. I was surprised when I posted this that heaps of Melburnians expressed their love for the snack!


This place seems to be introducing this unique dessert to Melbourne and bringing it to those who are already familiar with it, in the underrated spot that is Laverton Market. It is the only stall (that I know of) selling this product. I wish them all the best and am kind of craving them and their crispy goodness right now!

If you missed out on last month’s post here’s a wrap:
Yarraville Gardens – Hammer and Tong, Gorilla Grill
Batman Market – Senor BBQ
Foodie Failures – Round the Way
Laverton Market – Pho Trang, Eggy

As I’m still saving for end of year holidays and I’ve already got a pretty packed month – I have a slight idea of what sort of “series” to do for November rather than a mission. It will probably be even fewer posts than this mission but it has a bit of a “throwback” idea to it.

Keep an eye out on this space and hope everyone in Melbourne enjoys their weekend or few days off for Melbourne Cup!


  1. Jess Carey says:

    Ohh you’ll definitely have to find time to get to Taco Truck – they are AMAZING!! They sometimes double park with 1090 up at Ruckers Hill in Northcote if that helps, might see you there 😉

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