Mission #4: Other Bloggers

Surprise! This post will be pretty short – my next mission is more of a series.

Something I’ve enjoyed about blogging is the network of Melbourne bloggers and the friendly nature of others who share this hobby.

I’ve never been an outgoing person but I’ve grown fond of the way bloggers can just reach out to each other for a chat or meal.

I’ve a met a few this year including Kenny from Consider the Sauce in my earlier La Morenita post. The above picture is the shop’s documentation of their rise in popularity and the time Kenny held a special foodie event for his readers.

I also met quite a few writers at a Weekendnotes dinner, pictured below. The image is taken from Nadine’s article on the Tazio function, which you can read here.

After this, I have grown more accustomed to the art of meeting up with other writers. I haven’t met that many yet but I’m sure I’ll meet more in the future – feel free to email me if you share this feeling!

Meanwhile this month will continue to be a little quiet as my personal life goes through a few changes before Christmas, so there won’t be too many posts. I do hope you enjoy the few posts that do go up and I can’t wait to share my end-of-year adventures with my readers as this year ends and 2015 begins. Time flies!


  1. There are, of course, unintended consequences for everything we do. Maybe a lot of bloggers do not realise, when they are starting out, that they will not be operating in a bubble – that if they blog regularly, other people will take an interest in what they write. And in them! Can be a bit scary and confronting, but everyone finds their own comfort levels eventually. I know I’ve enjoyed hanging with you a couple of times and swapping many emails!

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