Mission #4: Simply Spanish

A belated post, but a while ago I met the lovely Steph also known as spooksnbubbles or Food For My Belly. After I invited her to one of my past events and it didn’t work out, we decided to catch up separately instead.

She let me choose a place, and as I was feeling like something not too expensive but not Asian, I decided to give Simply Spanish (Bourke St) a try after seeing positive reviews. I didn’t want an overly expensive meal but that’s the sort of prices you tend to get with tapas and large dishes like paella, so I thought the prices at Simply Spanish seemed reasonable.

IMG_1241 copy

The indoor dining area was smaller than I expected and there was more seating outdoors, which I’m sure is popular for sunny lunchtimes. Steph and I were placed inside at a table quite close to a pillar with the specials, whilst a lady who I think was the owner enthusiastically served us, encouraging us to add photos to Urbanspoon.

We started off with some smaller dishes including the calamari with baby cos, lime and aioli ($13.50). Unfortunately it was quite bland and chewy, and not crispy at all.

IMG_1245 copy

Next up was the empanadas of the day ($4.50 each). I can’t remember what the special was, but I enjoyed the empanadas at La Morenita a lot more. They had more of a homemade feel to them and were larger, crispier and full of distinct flavour. These just felt like they would do and did not have a great deal of filling inside them.

Despite the average food, Steph and I managed to chat and get to know each other quite easily, sharing our favourite foodie places and talking about everything from work to photography and dogs.

It’s interesting to hear about other’s thoughts on blogging and their styles. Steph tends to blog less often than me and more with recipes or if she feels it’s worth it, some restaurants too. I like that her photos are simple and natural and am always drooling at her homemade meals on Instagram! If only I could cook – one day!

IMG_1248 copy

Finally, we had the seafood paella ($48), which was probably the better dish of the night but still did not possess any wow-factor as the rice lacked a bit of flavour. Maybe the chef in charge was having a bad night but given that the place was not too busy, he could have taken his time to perfect the dishes that we ordered.

Steph and I agreed that the meal we had was quite disappointing given the raving reviews that we had read on Urbanspoon but at least the night was still made up by good company. I don’t think the both of us are in a hurry to pay this place another visit anytime soon…

A side note that I will be starting a new job in the city soon, so Steph and I already are hoping to be able to catch up again in the future! Hopefully she can choose somewhere a bit better than me.

Simply Spanish (Bourke St) is located at 10/555 Bourke St, Melbourne CBD. You can find their menu here. They have several stores but I think the most popular one I hear about is the one at South Melbourne Market, so perhaps the quality is better there!

Simply Spanish on Urbanspoon

November 10th: This post was modified at the request of Simply Spanish management.


  1. Jess Carey says:

    Pity about the calamari – it looks so good! I also have to disagree – cheap and amazing can happen, it’s just so uncommon in Melbourne! Cheap street food all over Asia has always trumped fancy restaurant meals for me, we need to step our game up here!

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