Mission #5: Escape Melbourne

Another month, another mission but this time it’s taking quite a different turn.

In a few weeks I’ll be hitting up Tasmania, the Whitsundays and the Gold Coast with @the.adventouriist.

Tassie will be a learning experience and a new adventure – we will be roadtripping around the whole state in a motorhome for about nine days. It will be a chance to see the beauty of Tasmania as well as challenging ourselves to be more active.

Cradle Mountain: courtesy of the @australia Instagram

This mission will not be focused on food although we will definitely try to squeeze in some famous Tasmanian seafood. I’ll hopefully find some time to recap our outdoorsy adventures, and our ups and downs as we try to survive on our own in a tiny mobile home. We also might try out some daily vlogs and photos on Instagram, so watch out!

We both don’t really cook so that will be interesting, as will staying in caravan parks and seeing other travellers. I expect this to be a mentally and physically challenging trip – so I say bring it on!

Part two is more relaxing as we take a tour around the Whitsundays. I’m excited to see the top beaches in Australia and to experience the Great Barrier Reef. The tour includes some meals so I will be reporting back on a few eateries in the area 😉

Whitehaven Beach: courtesy of the @australia Instagram

Meanwhile the last few days are in the Gold Coast, but by this stage I expect I will still be writing about Tassie and the Whitsundays, or moping around knowing that it will nearly be the end of my holiday.

I’ve never travelled much before and I want to share this with my readers in an interactive way. So here’s where you guys come in, before I’ve even left.

Meet my home-to-be in Tasmania!

Our 2-berth home courtesy of AutoRent Hertz

The problem is, it needs a name and my friend’s suggestions, such as “Campy” for campervan, aren’t really resonating with me.

Comment below with some name suggestions and/or on Instagram then we will shortlist them and come up with a creative way to choose the final name!

Yay! Meanwhile, I hope you don’t mind if I am a little quiet on posts until this holiday. But hopefully I can still squeeze in some Livlicious and Weekendnotes articles before I go 🙂


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