Mission #5: Campervan Name

So after some suggestions via my Instagram and also Amicus‘ Instagram, we were able to come up with a name for our motorhome for our big Tasmania roadtrip!

We placed the names: Betsy, Winnie, Harry and Kimpy on four different jars with treats so Amicus the golden retriever could choose.

It was a bit more complicated than we expected – Amicus is a dog after all and an energetic and playful one at that. He kept running up to us because we had the bag of treats etc haha. But here you go – thanks to @ieatmelbourne, @murfthegolden and @the.adventouriist for the suggestions.

Take a look to see how the name was chosen below!

So @ieatmelbourne has successfully given our campervan the name of Harry (the Hertz). Looking forward to our journey with Harry – @the.adventouriist has already told me I can’t call it “Hazza” to encapsulate the true Aussie spirit though.

As mentioned, I won’t be posting too much here until the holiday (three more days!). The best place to keep up with my Aussie adventures will be Instagram. I’ll try to post something everyday whether it be videos or photos so don’t forget to follow @monaventure and my tags #monaventureintas, #monaventureinqld!

Meanwhile take a look at my latest write-ups – click the photos to read my full articles.

Weekendnotes article: Underground Eats in Melbourne CBD featuring:

Nieuw Amsterdam
One of the top talked about places in Melbourne, the food lived up to its reputation of deliciousness. The service wasn’t amazing but I’m glad they acknowledged this on Instagram and appreciated the feedback – I hate places that ignore it and sweep it under the carpet. What’s the point of not listening to your customers?

Anyway – it just means I will be back to try more food some time and look forward to improved service! Don’t be deterred, other people have reported back on excellent service so I guess it just depends.

Nieuw Amsterdam on Urbanspoon

As its name suggests, this place was focused on meat with its Gothic undertones and basement location. They accidentally made us lobster mac and cheese but didn’t charge us for it, meanwhile the aged meats seemed to please some palettes but not others. We had the banquet and it was definitely too much food!

Meatmaiden on Urbanspoon

Project 219
This was a great find. A hip and underground cafe/bar, it also serves late night dessert such as crepes and sticky date! My friends believed the sticky date was one of the best, so we ordered another one.

Project 219 on Urbanspoon

Livlicious: Haunted Bookshop Ghost Tour
An informative walk around the city with plenty of stories to make you rethink all those banks and law firms that you walk past everyday! Click the pictures to read more!




  1. allergicinmelb says:

    That is the cutest dog in the world!!
    Hey- I checked out your ghost tour story and the photos aren’t loading. I refreshed twice- so many check it out. 🙂
    What night club was it? I swear the hotel/nightclub I used to work at was haunted. The lift would go to different floors without any buttons being pressed and would stay longer on some floors for no reason. Pretty creepy. :p
    Have fun on your Holiday!!!

    • Monique says:

      Thanks!! I forgot what nightclub – i think it was Club Retro? Haha that’s so scary – I hate when lifts do weird things.

      Yeh the Livlicious site was being up and down yesterday and my images loading sometimes and sometimes not so I am getting it check out = thanks for the heads up and well wishes!

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