Mission #5: Bruny Island

And so the adventures with our campervan for ten days in Tasmania has begun!

We are now used to our campervan, with our first drive to our first campervan site to a place called “Snug”. It was towards the southern end of Tasmania and a very cute place but I’ll recap all our caravan sites at the end of trip, so I can let you know what was the best and the pros and cons.

IMG_5507We stayed at Snug so we would be close to Kettering – the ferry pickup point for Bruny Island. We chose a tour with a bus pickup, with the bus stop less than a minute away from the ferry point itself. The town of Kettering seems to be based around its boats, and their dock and Tasmania’s blue skies didn’t disappoint.


The ferry departs throughout the day and it can amazingly fit up to 75 vehicles from campervans to buses and trucks. Whilst the vehicles are all parked closely next to each other, passengers are free to get out of their cars and roam about to absorb the views.

IMG_5576The tour bus then takes you off the ferry to Adventure Bay on Bruny Island. They drive over the famous neck but don’t allow any time to get out and see the view. You have morning tea at the office at Adventure Bay (your own or provided if you purchased that package). And then finally – it is time to get on the cruise itself!

There were about three boats for our tour. We sat at the back of one as the crew recommended the spot for good photos and also as a place with less movement for those prone to sea sickness.


That was probably a good tip because the crew really enjoyed speeding the boats on its sides and hooning around rocks and corners. It was like a rollercoaster! At some points the front part of the boat really suffered some water spray and I was glad to be safe at the back!

What was beautiful and iconic about this cruise was the many natural rock formations and archways of Bruny Island, as well as the unique wildlife and fauna.

IMG_5673An interesting formation below was the Blowhole. It occasionally spurts out water, hence its name. Other spectacular sights include the clear layers of sediment in this unique island. Also, at one point a crew member pointed out to us that the water was very clear, and as he strolled off we looked down and we are fairly sure we saw a shark in the deep water.
IMG_5722 IMG_5718 IMG_5726 IMG_5737 IMG_5741We were then taken to see Australian and New Zealand seals – the crew were quite confused when they spotted what they thought was a seal from the Antarctic lazing about in the New Zealand seal area. In comparison to the other seals he was grey not brown, and he lay and turned on his back, flaring his snotty nostrils and half scratching himself/waving as he slugged around. It was a truly funny view!
IMG_5761 IMG_5779

After the seals we were up to our last part of the cruise, which involved searching the open seas for whales and dolphins. Having experienced some disappointment at Mornington Peninsula when we didn’t see any dolphins, I didn’t want to get our hopes up. We were also feeling a little seasick by this stage so thought we’d have a nap whilst the boat cruised around…

For me, my stomach just didn’t feel fine when the boat was stationary and bobbing up and down, thus I welcomed the movement and speeding of the boat to get the fresh breeze in my face.


We couldn’t capture a photo but here’s some blurry evidence anyway. We ended the tour with a sighting of a humpback whale. It would pop up on the surface every now and again, but when he disappeared it was a wild guess as to which direction he would pop up in next. He jumped extremely close to the boat at one stage and it was amazing. When he rose again to the surface, we were advised it would be a while before he popped up again as he had just taken a deep breath, thus this is how we ended the tour.


I think this was an extremely fun way to experience Bruny Island – on land the excitement seems a little more limited to places like Bruny Island Cheese, the neck etc.

If you’re interested, check out the Bruny Island tours here. We chose the cruise and bus from Kettering as we didn’t want to take our campervan over to the island, thus it included transfers. If you’re curious about anything else, please comment below!

I’ve found it a little hard to blog often, so if you haven’t been following my adventures on Instagram, check out #monaventureintas for more updates!

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