What Did You Miss?

If you ever think my blog is getting a little quiet, remember I write for a few other websites about my adventures! I’ve been getting back into the swing of things and now it’s just articles non-stop.

You constantly learn things as a blogger and I’ve realised what respect I hold for business owners who are passionate about connecting with their audience. It’s great to see so many these days – but anyway, take a look at my latest posts below!

10 Reasons to Campervan Tasmania
Campervanning Tassie was a unique experience that I’m so glad we decided to do. If you go through the TripAdvisor forums, a lot of people are not supportive of it, especially for first time drivers in a campervan, which made me nervous.

We defied this and had the best time of our lives, so it’s just important to fully commit to this decision and drive with a lot of attention to detail.

Escape Hunt Melbourne
With escape rooms becoming so popular last year, I was excited to try out this new spot that has branches all over the world.

It was my first time trying an escape room. We managed to escape in time – but with a bit of help. Read more about it here!

Hidden Coffee Gems in Melbourne CBD
I went on a mini Mon’s Mission before my holiday to try coffee places in the CBD, as I had just started working there. You can read the full wrap here, but here are two contrasting places I found.

Melbourne has no shortage of cute coffee places. You can experience all different types of atmospheres, but I wasn’t particularly fond of the busy peak period at the League of Honest Coffee, the wait and the customer service. It was a bit impersonal and rushed. Their coffee was excellent – yet everything else can be the difference between coming back or not.

The League of Honest Coffee on Urbanspoon


I wanted to keep this place a secret a bit longer, but after my mini mission, my regular CBD coffee spot has become Little Rogue and it’s too good not to share.


Using the Small Batch Roast beans I fell in love with at Everyday Coffee, they provide a consistently good coffee every morning, sweets sourced from other businesses and a perfectly hidden spot from the craziness of Swanston St on Drewery Lane.

Little Rogue on Urbanspoon

Benjamin’s Kitchen
When new places pop up in the northern suburbs, I get a little excited because to put it simply – we ain’t got much. And I mean far north, not Brunswick or Fitzroy.

So when I heard about Benjamin’s Kitchen in Alphington I made a conscious effort to try it. I was not disappointed – the meal was so delicious yet mainly healthy, ensuring I felt guilt-free. Read my full review here.

Benjamin's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Tipo 00
It’s rare that you find a reasonably priced but highly recommended Italian restaurant in the city, but this place seems to be on the top of everyone’s list.

It felt a little over-hyped for me, but still demonstrated excellent service and effort to immerse their audience in Italian culture.

Tipo 00 on Urbanspoon

Royal Croquet Club
This excuse for Melbourne to have a foodie and drink festival by the river may be over, but how was the food?

To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed. I tried the lobster roll from Huxtable’s new venture, Mr Claws, which was tasty but not chilli despite choosing the chilli version. It was also very small for $12.

Mr Claws on Urbanspoon

Meanwhile I finally gave D.O.C. a try, an Italian place specialising in pizzas and more. I had their meatballs in a hearty and delicious sauce. Their staff were also friendly and talkative with their customers.

If you’re curious about the event as a whole, take a look here.

DOC Pizza on Urbanspoon

If that wasn’t enough, watch out for my next posts on:

  • Dex2Rose: a new nitrogen gelato place in the CBD
  • Hundred Foot Journey: a review on a Disney foodie film
  • Queen Vic Night Market: a summary of all the food I managed to try
  • Lavandula Lavender Farm: a little getaway just 10 minutes from Daylesford
  • Cataract Gorge, Launceston: the next in my #monaventureintas series

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