Dex2Rose Nitrogen Gelato

Nitrogen gelato might kind of be the norm now, but I was fascinated to find out what Dex2Rose had to offer. I had the opportunity to sample some of their flavours and meet their chef Jesse, who was lovely to speak with.

Situated in one of Melbourne’s little laneways, the location isn’t easy for some. Hence it’s lucky when people stumble upon it and the staff make a conscious effort to go outside and greet customers. It’s impressive to see the passion and effort Jesse puts into everything from his flavours to his customer service.

IMG_1177 copy

There are a few different things about this gelato place. It’s large and spacious for people to have a seat, they serve cold brew coffee, a special nitro brew (one of the few in Melbourne), and cold pressed juice.

IMG_1198 copy

I sampled their simple yet grungy packaged cold brew and found it to be entirely refreshing over ice. I’ve never tried any cold brews so it was informative for Jesse to explain how the process reduces the coffee acidity, as many Melbourne places just assume you should know.

You can add some milk or sugar syrup for a tad of sweetness but they don’t dictate how you should drink it, leaving it up to their customers.

IMG_1180 copy

I also tried my first gelato of the evening, the Lazy Dinner. It had sage, burnt butter and caramel. This apparently isn’t such a new flavour, with Messina having a similar one. Dex2Rose have added caramel into the gelato and a homemade caramel sauce, and boy did I enjoy that sauce.

There was a subtle hint of something a bit different to spice things up and I’m pretty sure it was the sage. It may sound a little odd, but this is probably one of the most accessible and delicious flavours.

IMG_1182 copy

I also tried their cold pressed juice, the flavour dependent on what ingredients are in season and available. By pressing fruits instead of putting them through a traditional juicer, this process allows them to retain more nutrients and vitamins.

IMG_1188 copy 2

The combination of watermelon, granny smith and strawberry ensured a healthy and tasty combination and to put that into perspective – I don’t usually like watermelon. I can see myself enjoying one of these if it’s too late in the night for a coffee to accompany my gelato.

It especially went well with my W.I.T.S – watermelon and ice tea sorbet with coconut cream. The watermelon isn’t strong, so the ice tea flavour makes a nice balance, whilst the cream is fluffy and light ensuring you have room for your sorbet.

IMG_1203 copy

Now I asked Jesse what makes their gelato different to other places. He explained that it’s something that should have a lot of thought and testing, not just random flashy ingredients thrown together for the novelty. He also has to be able to finish a regular size of his own creation!

I noticed his flavours are more subtle but still experimental. They are not overly sweet, hence ensuring it is easier for you to finish a whole cup. Which is a little ironic since their shop name comes from dextrose, a type of sugar.

IMG_1193 copy
Next up was the Honey Stash – honey and pistachio with hidden nut clusters and a topping of raspberry cream. The extra crunch of nuts was a great touch, and the cream didn’t feel out of place. But the honey flavour got a bit much for me, which is probably more my own personal taste and not a reflection of the flavour itself.

IMG_1209 copy

Now I wanted to try this one earlier in the evening, but Jesse said it was probably best to leave until last, considering it contains moscato. For a person who doesn’t drink much (I don’t like wine especially), moscato is often my preferred beverage. So I was quite excited to see the Pink Flamingo flavour, peach with rose moscato sorbet and rosewater coconut cream.

Jesse was definitely right in telling me to have it last, the moscato flavour not shy but diluted enough for you to enjoy the entire cup without guilt. As a sorbet, I was impressed by the creativity in contrast to many standard sorbets flavours for the gluten intolerant.


Their presentation may not be flashy but Dex2Rose is not about that. Jesse was eager for feedback and I didn’t have a lot to give him in regards to the flavours, instead discussing on how to spread the word and gain exposure.

This place is about precision, atmosphere and providing an open forum for customers to give feedback as the business grows.

As Jesse put it – if you come into a gelato place, you should leave happy. If his customers don’t look happy when they leave, he asks them for feedback. If there’s something wrong with a cup of gelato, he will make a new one.

IMG_1195 copy

I’m fascinated because it’s so rare that businesses listen to their audience, that they are eager for a two-way conversation and I’m impressed by the passion that drives Jesse, who has come from a marketing background.

If you’re curious, drop by for some subtle yet tasty flavours, meet a lovely team and give your feedback! I will definitely be returning for a dash of sage or moscato 😉

Dex2Rose is located at 377 Little Bourke St (via Racing Club Lane). You can suggest some flavours to them here. Meanwhile their menu changes every few weeks.

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 Mon’s Adventures was invited as a guest of Dex2Rose, however all opinions are my own.


  1. That Lazy Dinner gelato sounds delicious! As a whipped cream fanatic, I’m somewhat more intrigued by their whipped cream though cause in some countries it’s very hard to impossible to find a place that doesn’t serve that horrible canned shit so to see a place turn out the real deal & in such appropriate volumes always gets my heart pumping.

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