Pascoe Vale

Jack & Daisy

Last weekend, as my friends and I were heading towards DFO Essendon, we thought would try out brunch in the area. We decided to try Jack & Daisy in Pascoe Vale, as I couldn’t resist the photos of towering banana pancake stacks.


It was busy as expected for a Sunday (I only managed this shot in the rare few minutes that no one was sitting there), but they managed to seat the four of us on a table designed for six. We joked that we probably eat enough for six people anyway.


We ended up ordering three of the  Jack’s Roadhouse ($14.50) , my one with some extra potato hash ($3.50) and one Daisy’s Favourite ($14.50). The food took a while to come out, and we were unluckily seated right next to the kitchen where the waiters/waitresses pick up the food. We eyed many other appealing dishes such as the burgers and pancakes as they were delivered to other tables.


Quite hungry after a two-hour badminton session, most of us downed our drinks whilst we waited. Still on a coffee ban, I ordered an organic apple and pear juice but I was quite fascinated by the presentation of my friend’s hot chocolate. I pointed it out that it looks like a cow, then we pondered whether this was intentional or not. This proved awkward when another table got two hot chocolates and we were pointing and saying, “Cows!” haha.


Finally, the glorious moment came and our food was delivered. My potato hash came in two little balls and they served a generous amount of bacon (there’s more hidden underneath) and mushrooms. Times like this, remind me of how much I love breakfast food.


As we eyed our friend’s Daisy’s Favourite dish, we noticed she had received her “lady relish” as indicated on the menu but none of us had received our “man relish” (please refer to the menu at the top). We weren’t too fussed though, considering we probably wouldn’t even eat it and we were eager to dig in.

Being the eager beavers we were…we thought we’d share some dessert. At first we were leaning towards a serving of the vanilla bean pancakes with banana, salted caramel and whipped peanut butter – sounds heavenly right? However one friend commented that she doesn’t like peanut butter, thus we went for their special that day – waffles with baked pear, maple syrup, mascarpone and some sort of crumble.


The result was very impressive. The baked pear worked well, and the crunchy texture and nutty flavour of the crumble balanced out the rest of the dish which was quite soft and sweet.

The cons of this trip included the seating, being placed so awkwardly next to the area where they pick up the food from the kitchen that I felt like my seat was in their way. The food also was a bit slow to come out, however the waffles didn’t take too long. The waiter also didn’t notice we didn’t have any cutlery when he served our waffles, as you usually collect it from the tin on the table, but there were no forks left.

But on that note, we left extremely full and enjoyed this sign at the entrance whilst we went to pay. Oh but that also reminds me – they charged us $3 for a muffin we never ate/ordered.  If I’m ever heading to DFO Essendon again, I might drop by as it’s not far and I enjoyed the food, but I’m sure there other places to try in the area before I head back.

Jack & Daisy  is open Mon – Fri: 6:30 – 15:30 and Sat – Sun: 8:00 – 15:00 and is located at 152B Cumberland Rd, Pascoe Vale. 

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