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Skinny Dippa Frozen Yogurt

When you think of frozen yogurt, you usually imagine a simple, bright shop. It might be a small stop along a busy street, or part of a food court and so forth. But when it comes to Skinny Dippa Frozen Yogurt, your ideas will be confronted when you see a spacious interior, outdoor seats and a very different concept.

What really impressed me was the design of the shop and the idea and use of the skinny dipping analogy. This analogy extended into a beach theme, hence the wooden houses bearing the flavours and a little “Beach Closed” sign right at the back of the flavour room (below).

The place had a similar layout to other frozen yogurt places such as Goyogo, with the flavours at the back, toppings along the side of the shop, then ending with where you weigh and pay.

20140425_141731 Yet simultaneously the atmosphere felt so different. The floorboards and potplants just provided a bit more of a homely feel, and it felt more like a cafe rather than a quick froyo place where you stop by. The skinny dipping idea continued with the sign above, and I enjoyed the naming of their sizes, ranging from snack (225g) to famished (600g). Having just had lunch, I went for a peckish (340g).

The beach house design in the flavour room was very cute, as well as the hanging board signs. Such small details, but it really helps to differentiate Skinny Dippa from other places. The staff were kind enough to let us taste test the flavours before committing to a whole cup.


The burnt caramel is one of their signature flavours. Curiously, I tried it and found it not to be that much different. But after a few seconds my friend and I went, “Ohhhhh,” when the burnt aftertaste kicked in. It was a strange sensation but amazing as to how these flavours are created.

The toffee macadamia tasted exactly as I expected but it was catered to vegans so I could taste the undertones of soy (although it’s not that strong). In contrast, the peanut butter biscotti had a strong taste of peanut butter so I’d recommend it to peanut butter lovers!

The natural uses stevia, a natural sweetener instead of sugar and you can taste a slight difference – somehow the yogurt just feels that touch more natural. In the end, burnt caramel really grew on us so I chose that along with the natural flavour.


The next hard choice was choosing the toppings. Once again, their adorable plants and blackboard signs continued a subtle, playful beach theme. I liked the consistency of this theme and how it worked so well throughout. Their toppings ranged from fresh fruits, to granola and of course juicy balls (boba).

I couldn’t resist the lychee boba (below), and by the looks of the bowl, a lot of other people couldn’t too. I also got the mango whilst my friend decided to have well…all of them.

20140425_142752 After this I debated whether to get oreos as I usually do, but got swayed by the cheesecake pieces instead! I love having the crumbly cheesecake base mixed in with my yogurt, and the yogurt also helps to dampen the richness of the cheesecake.

My cup (bottom left) was full to the brim of natural and burnt caramel, whilst my friend got a few more flavours to taste a bit of everything, including raspberry, coconut and vanilla bean. The sign below stated they use real flavours, such as real raspberries and coconut, and my friend found this evident in these flavours.


He even thought the raspberry was a bit sour like real raspberries. I think it’s great that you can taste the difference in their flavours, knowing that they are more natural and healthier without ingredients such as sugar.

Skinny Dippa charges $2.80 per 100g, and then you can sit at their tables, which exhibit their fun design. The plants kind of remind you of shrubs by the coast whilst the boards on the wall are like your swinging bathing box doors.


Another cute aspect of their marketing is that they are running a competition for schools, whereby the school with the most receipts for frozen yogurt will win free yogurt for their school for one day. There was a wall of jars for each school. I observed some families putting their receipts in the jars, demonstrating that this is a great incentive to encourage families to have a healthier option.

Located on Chapel St, Skinny Dippa faces a bit of competition but I believe their concept and natural flavours makes them stand out from the crowd. They seemed to attract a reasonable crowd on a public holiday, and the atmosphere really entices you come in and enjoy the whole theme.

Skinny Dippa Frozen Yogurt is located at 121 Chapel St, Windsor and is open daily between 1pm-10.30pm.

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*Mon’s Adventures was invited as a guest of Skinny Dippa Frozen Yogurt

Cafe Casuarina

On a rare venture to the Western suburbs, we found our selves at a cute and spacious cafe called Cafe Casuarina in Williamstown. Looking like an everyday, local cafe with a teal sign, we were pleasantly surprised to find quite a large and open interior to enjoy a sitdown and late brunch.


Having just played sport on a Sunday, it was understandably quiet as it was after 2pm and close to closing. But we had just enough time to undo all our exercise, with cappuccinos, iced chocolates and iced coffees (below).


Of course, I found myself with a tall and devilishly sweet iced chocolate, something you can’t really go wrong with, especially when it has a generous scoop of ice-cream. Quickly after this, we made our decisions as the kitchen was only open for another half an hour.


As I felt the chocolate and ice-cream already satisfying my thirst and hunger, I didn’t feel in the mood for a large meal, so went with the Casuarina Omelette ($16.50, above) with cheese, ham, avocado, bread and an extra hash brown on the side ($3). It doesn’t look amazing but that’s because everything’s hidden on the inside, and together the ingredients provided a nice and light meal, with the crusty bread helping to fill me up.


But what also helped to fill me up, was a taste of my friends’ Braised Mushrooms ($14.50, above) with 5 types of mushrooms braised with red onion and ciabatta, served with poached eggs, goat’s cheese and paris butter. One of my friend’s ordered extra bacon with the dish, and another with smoked salmon below ($3 each).

The mushrooms were really a standout, each bite of each mushroom seemed so juicy that you just wanted more. Consequently, the mushrooms’ flavour also seemed to be able to stand alone without any sides, as my friend started finding it difficult to finish off the extra bacon.

20140309_142749The mushrooms were an excellent recommendation and both my friends who ordered it said they’d definitely be willing to come back for that dish alone. My other friend had a standard steak sandwich (above), which she downed fairly quickly along with an iced chocolate.

It’s a great-looking and spacious cafe with friendly service, and I’d love to feel the atmosphere when it’s during their busier hours, which I just may experience one day when we return for the mushrooms.

Cafe Casuarina is located at 4/77 Douglas Parade and is open Mon-Fri 6.30-4pm, Saturday 7-4pm and Sunday 8am-3pm. Check out a glimpse of their menu on Food for My Belly’s blog here.

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