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La Morenita Latin Cuisine

This post is just a tad overdue, but Kenny from Consider the Sauce inspired some great ideas in me, so that just had to come first!

So now is probably a good time to tell you where these ideas started. Kenny asked me for lunch a while back and I finally found some time to meet up with him and his son, Bennie, in the west. I thought I would suggest somewhere, but it seems every place I could think of, he had already blogged about!


And so, I let the master decide, and he suggested La Morenita. Latin sounded like something a bit different to the usual food I review, so I was definitely up for something different in an area I’m not familiar with.

It’s a casual takeaway spot, but seemingly also very popular, as there was a long line at the counter. This however, impacted the waiting time for someone to come over and take our order. On the positive side – this allowed more chatting time for us.

Kenny recommended their sandwiches ($7) and also empanadas ($2.50-$4), so my friends I were up for choosing a sandwich or roll along with an empanada on the side.
20140706_130828Above you’ll find the choripan, with simply chorizo and onion. The onions do look a little burnt as well as the ones on Bennie’s super-sized version, the Gigante, with additional ham, cheese, mayonnaise and fries (below, $15).

I don’t mind a charred touch to spice it up with a BBQ feel, but Bennie felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount of burnt onions.

20140706_131053However, I can see my friends and myself returning to demolish this meal for the novelty of it. Amazingly, Bennie managed to down the whole thing!

Meanwhile I chose to have the Chacarero with steak, tomatoes, beans, cheese and mayonnaise. At first they forgot the beans and had to bring it back. These sandwiches are quite similar to burgers but then I don’t imagine beans in a burger – so it was something a bit different.


I think I would have preferred something a bit more indulgent, the greens just felt a little too healthy for a burger-like meal, although it was similarly saucy and messy to eat. Next time, I might opt for something like a Barrus Lucos – steak with melted cheese or Carnicero – all the different meats plus cheese and onion. I think that was Kenny’s one pictured further below. It still had some evident signs of burntness though – I think they might want to cut back a bit on that edge.


I really enjoyed the empanada and you can even buy frozen ones to cook at home. I ended up choosing a chorizo one. As it was freshly cooked, it was hot and super crispy on the outside. The sizzling hot chorizo inside along with the melted, cheesy goodness created a satisfying sensation for a simple snack.


This is when we discovered Kenny holds regular feasts at restaurants by arranging something with these places and selling tickets to his events.

This sounded like a great idea as it involved so many things. It allows exposure for the restaurant via word of mouth, it brings people together and provides the opportunity to meet readers. This inspired me to think of how I could go about something similar, as a blogger who is still fairly new and trying to figure out how to make myself stand out from the crowd.


So thanks to Kenny for sparking those thoughts and ideas! Below you’ll see pictures up at La Morenita from one of CTS’s past events there. Unfortunately, by the time we got through our lunch we didn’t have much room left for dessert and there was a caramel empanada calling out my name…

But that along with that giant chorizo roll may just call me back for a next time!

La Morenita is located at 67 Berkshire Road, Sunshine North. They are closed Mon-Tue and open Wed-Thurs 11-4pm, Fri 10am-4pm and weekends 9am-4pm. Checkout some menu items here.

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My Next Mission

Since I started this blog I’ve had many missions. I blogged and blogged to get myself in the top 50 of Urbanspoon, I wrote about places that you wouldn’t have given a second thought, I was eager to hear all your recommendations (see Insiders of the Month on the right hand side) and to get out there and try them!


So, next month I’ll be starting up something new after a meetup with Consider The Sauce’s Kenny Weir. We had some great chat over some Latino food (still yet to be blogged about – see some food from La Morenita below) and he told me about some feasts that he usually holds.


Check out one of his latest ones at Ethiopian restaurant Kokeb, with proceeds going to charity.

His ideas to bring people together offline has inspired me to think about how I can similarly do so. There are so many bloggers out there these days – pretty much anyone can be one.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the crowd? With so many people blogging about the same hyped places in Melbourne, the competition continuously grows. What I love about blogging is sharing my experiences, sharing my new finds and sharing my opinion.


After doing the same thing for nine months, I plan to take this a little further starting in August and in the months to come, so watch out for another post when August hits. I will also be raising awareness about my own little “charity” – just wait and see and hope you can become part of my next mission!



Note: Images are only vague hints, probably not what you think 😉