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Jam and Cream


Ever since my little sister had her birthday here, I have been meaning to drop by at Jam and Cream.


I finally found the time to drop by the other day and my friends were amazed at the degree of cuteness and the girly, vintage design. There is even a little makeshift “photo booth” at the front, with a basket of props if you want to strike a pose.

20140622_151406 copy20140622_151043

It’s everything a hipster would want to discover but also a popular place for couples, families and older women to catch up.


It’s packed on weekends due to its individuality in what it has to offer and its small dining space. It’s extremely popular for their variety of scones, baked freshly when ordered.


Due to this, you will need to allow some time for the wait. We arrived towards the end of closing hours on a Sunday and were still warned the scones would take half an hour. I’m not sure how related this was to how much we ordered, but I did overhear some ladies telling the counter lady to cancel their food as they had somewhere they needed to go.



There’s also some seating along the side of the place and at the back – where you will find some knitted blankets, cushions, children’s stools, a small animal pen, and an adorable pink caravan! Phew!

This place has a lot going on, so despite the long waits, the atmosphere is really something different. The caravan is what my sister hired out for her birthday – great for a small group of girl friends!

The menu offers some savoury options and quite a few drinks as well. We ordered some tea and coffee to start off, whilst I ordered an iced chocolate after seeing some impressive looking photos of their drinks. Our waitress didn’t seem to know what the house blend of tea was, but did at least venture to find out for us.


The iced chocolate looked great presentation-wise but wasn’t great practicality-wise. They attempted to disperse the chocolate syrup throughout the drink and create an artistic composition. But the syrup gathered mostly at the bottom of the drink.

The striped paper straws do not suck up the thick drink very well and only drew out the syrup from the bottom. This caused an overwhelmingly sweet taste and proves difficult to enjoy the drink. I ended up having to drink it from the glass.


As we were in for a snack, we thought we couldn’t miss the scones after hearing so much about them. The different types of sweet scones are named with old-fashioned sounding names like Gertrude and Bertha, whilst the savoury selection have male names such as Montgomery.


We were recommended the Nanna’s Platter, a miscellaneous collection of ten scones as opposed to ordering many different serves (they come in sets of two, $13.95 each, including tea/coffee). This was evidently better value than our initial plan at only $28.
20140622_155611We weren’t entirely sure what each scone was, but definitely preferred the sweet ones. The one pair of savoury scones caused quite a lot of confusion to our taste buds, not necessarily a bad thing. At times, it almost tasted like a pizza shape to me (for international readers, Shapes are an Australian line of savoury biscuits)!


We also ordered an extra serve of the Florence, as these caramel and espresso scones sounded too interesting to miss out on.

We definitely didn’t regret it as the sauce had a strong espresso flavour and tasted great drizzled on the decadent serve of scones. Our only regret would probably be ordering too much and struggling to finish all the food.


I would definitely recommend this place, although when we first arrived, the lady at the counter seemed a little blunt and uncaring when she told us we couldn’t get a table inside.

As it was also so busy, when we tried to snag an outside table, there were still a lot of dirty dishes yet to be cleared. The lady’s attitude was a bit more warming when we came back to pay and there were less people left in the shop.


They get quite busy for a small place but the experience of the entire destination makes up for the lack of attention. The place is decorated wonderfully with homely antiques, toys that bring out your inner child, and handmade crafts that would be found in your nanna’s house.


Jam and Cream is located unexpectedly near a normal suburban block of houses and is a gem on this side of town. I’d say to go solely for the scones and experience, but service and speed might be a little lacking.

Jam and Cream is located at 1 Orr St, Heidelberg Heights. They are open Tue-Fri 8.30am-4pm and Sat-Sun 9.30am-5pm.

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Cafe Casuarina

On a rare venture to the Western suburbs, we found our selves at a cute and spacious cafe called Cafe Casuarina in Williamstown. Looking like an everyday, local cafe with a teal sign, we were pleasantly surprised to find quite a large and open interior to enjoy a sitdown and late brunch.


Having just played sport on a Sunday, it was understandably quiet as it was after 2pm and close to closing. But we had just enough time to undo all our exercise, with cappuccinos, iced chocolates and iced coffees (below).


Of course, I found myself with a tall and devilishly sweet iced chocolate, something you can’t really go wrong with, especially when it has a generous scoop of ice-cream. Quickly after this, we made our decisions as the kitchen was only open for another half an hour.


As I felt the chocolate and ice-cream already satisfying my thirst and hunger, I didn’t feel in the mood for a large meal, so went with the Casuarina Omelette ($16.50, above) with cheese, ham, avocado, bread and an extra hash brown on the side ($3). It doesn’t look amazing but that’s because everything’s hidden on the inside, and together the ingredients provided a nice and light meal, with the crusty bread helping to fill me up.


But what also helped to fill me up, was a taste of my friends’ Braised Mushrooms ($14.50, above) with 5 types of mushrooms braised with red onion and ciabatta, served with poached eggs, goat’s cheese and paris butter. One of my friend’s ordered extra bacon with the dish, and another with smoked salmon below ($3 each).

The mushrooms were really a standout, each bite of each mushroom seemed so juicy that you just wanted more. Consequently, the mushrooms’ flavour also seemed to be able to stand alone without any sides, as my friend started finding it difficult to finish off the extra bacon.

20140309_142749The mushrooms were an excellent recommendation and both my friends who ordered it said they’d definitely be willing to come back for that dish alone. My other friend had a standard steak sandwich (above), which she downed fairly quickly along with an iced chocolate.

It’s a great-looking and spacious cafe with friendly service, and I’d love to feel the atmosphere when it’s during their busier hours, which I just may experience one day when we return for the mushrooms.

Cafe Casuarina is located at 4/77 Douglas Parade and is open Mon-Fri 6.30-4pm, Saturday 7-4pm and Sunday 8am-3pm. Check out a glimpse of their menu on Food for My Belly’s blog here.

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