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Mission #2: Final Report

It has been an overwhelming ride this month, with the film festival I volunteer for finishing up on the 12th September and the remainder of the month allowing me to find some spare time again! Continue reading

Mission #2: Grub Food Van

Not wanting to pass the opportunity to try more outdoor eateries, I squeezed in another spot on the weekend: Grub Food Van. Continue reading

Mission #2: Trunk Diner

When it’s Friday…and you’re trying to wake up EARLIER than you usually do for work for brunch, Struggletown ensues. It’s no surprise that I forgot to bring my new camera in my haste, thus I was left to utilise the old tool – my Samsung Galaxy Note. Continue reading

Mission #2: Two Beans and a Farm

My latest blog event for my outdoors mission relied heavily on Melbourne’s fluctuating weather. Luckily, Hayley, owner of Two Beans and a Farm was very flexible with me, even leaving it up until midday of the event to let me decide where we could sit. Continue reading