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Mr Loy’s Puff

Whilst Melbourne’s weather becomes chillier, we braved the cold in the evening to visit Mr Loy’s Puff, a small takeaway shop that serves Singaporean hawker food. The location is a bit out of the city, thus it’s part of a little strip of shops that’s more likely to be bustling at lunch rather than on a week night.

20140501_182648 The interior is quite basic, but it’s brightly lit with boisterous colours trying to grab your attention. Little reminders of home for the Singaporean chef decorate the shop, from a little merlion statue at the register to photos of the city at night on the walls.

20140501_183842We were greeted by Rudy, one of the owners, who provided us with a bit of background. He spoke of their chef’s desire to bring Singaporean food to the area and for people who miss these traditional dishes from home. Furthermore, he spoke of their two types of signature puffs ($2 each), which we tried below.


On the left, we had a bit of an experiment with a black pepper and chicken filling. Apparently, people have remarked that it’s like a pie because of this filling and I can understand why. Mr Loy’s Puff serve handmade puffs with thick and crusty exteriors. Thus, when you reach the black pepper inside, it does almost feel like you’re eating a pie in puff form.

I preferred their more traditional curry puff (right), packed with ingredients and flavour whilst the crunchy crust just made it a touch more enjoyable and different to smaller puffs with indistinguishable ingredients.

20140501_183714Next up, we were tried the popular dish of Hainan chicken rice (left) and also the roast chicken rice (right – both $7.80 regular, $10 large).
20140501_183554Rudy spoke of how they originally served the meals in takeaway containers, but some customers questioned this and now they have changed to the presentation pictured. I think it was a good move, as it feels more thought has gone into the meal, and nice that they are open to feedback.
20140501_183544Both dishes are served with a considerable amount of rice and cucumber. The dishes were not standouts, yet there wasn’t anything wrong with them either. I am not in a position to judge their authenticity, and it’s time like these that I miss my Singaporean friends and wish they were here to help me judge haha!

What I did enjoy was the carrot soup served on the side, which helped balance out the drier rice dish and is a great comfort for a cold, wintery night.
20140501_191534We were lucky enough to try two more dishes, the nasi lemak ($8.50, top right) and curry chicken ($7.80, top left). I really enjoyed the curry chicken as it almost tasted like something my own mother would make, with pieces of potato and chicken.

Apparently it’s become quite popular at the shop due to the cold weather. I can definitely see this as a hit in winter, and a dish that suits this serving style rather than in a packed takeaway container if you’re dining in.


We felt that the chicken cutlets with the nasi lemak could have been cooked a little more. The sambal (spicy sauce on top of the cucumbers) was quite spicy and I can picture Singaporeans enjoying that strong chilli flavour a lot.

I can’t comment on how authentic the dishes are, but I feel that some of these dishes are accessible in many Asian restaurants so there could easily be a more convenient place closer to you. But if you work around the area or happen to be nearby, I’d definitely recommend the signature curry puffs and the curry chicken.

My Loy’s Puff is located at 452 City Road, South Melbourne. They are open Thurs-Mon 11.30am-8pm and closed Tues/Wed.

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*Mons Adventures was invited as a guest of Mr Loys Puff