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Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice-Creamery

After discovering the existence of Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, and that it was not too far away (about forty minutes for me), I could not miss the opportunity to give it a try.


We managed to visit on ANZAC Day, thus the place was bustling with children for the public holiday. Although busy, we managed to find seating quickly after taking some free chocolate (milk, dark and white) from three large bowls at the entrance.

Luckily for us, the cafe was launching their breakfast menu, perfect for a morning visit if you don’t feel like ice-cream for breakfast haha. As curious as I was about the chocolate, lamb, mint and onion sausages…. I went for the breakfast wrap with bacon, lettuce, eggs, BBQ sauce and aioli ($16.50).  I found it very refreshing and healthy with the lettuce, compared to some at other cafes such as Green Refectory, where it was very cheesy. My friend ordered the creamy mushrooms ($15.50) with sourdough, which were quite flavoursome with its herby sauce, but I feel it could have had more mushrooms. It surprisingly didn’t take long despite being so busy, so I was impressed by their ability to cope on busy days, especially with a new menu.


I also ordered a “real hot chocolate”, which came with frothy milk with chocolate flakes, a chocolate shot and a whisk to mix it together. The idea of mixing your own hot chocolate, as I have experienced in places like Lindt Cafe, is always fun.


Afterwards, we walked around the shop and I was amazed as to how many things you can make out of chocolate, from frogs to tennis balls. There was also the obligatory window where you can see the chocolatiers creating the delicious sweets.


Before we left, I eyed the special chocolate display and discovered something that was surely made for me – Mango Tango: Fresh mango pulp in a creamy white chocolate ganache in white chocolate (below, second from the right). This combined my favourite chocolate with my favourite fruit – and one bite was heaven! Other flavours included champagne and apple cider.


The location of Yarra Valley Chocolaterie also holds some scenic and luscious green views. It’s child-friendly with colouring sheets in the outdoor seating area, and there are balls scattered throughout the lawn, if the kids are in the mood for a kick. I would love to go back to indulge in more of the desserts and ice-cream (and mango tango chocolates), as the sundaes and chocolate fondue sound irresistible.


If you’re interested in visiting soon, they are having a “Strawberry Affair” from Oct 14-31, featuring chocolate-coated strawberries and one-off strawberry sundaes and ice-creams.

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice-Creamery  is open 9am-5pm everyday (except Christmas), and is located at 35 Old Healesville Rd, (corner Melba Highway), Yarra Glen. If interested, you can view their latest menu here.

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