Mission #4: Industry Beans Everyday

Not long ago, I met up again with Melbourne Food Blogger for brunch in the inner suburbs. I don’t get out to brunch too often, so am a bit behind on some of the biggest trends.
IMG_2842 copyThis doesn’t bother me, as I can leave it up to others to write about, but something about the architecture and food of Industry Beans in photos has always tempted me. The popularity meant a short wait for a seat, but only for about ten minutes.

IMG_2846 copy

It was not long after I snapped the iconic outdoor seating, that the interior proved to be the less exciting part.

As its name suggests, the indoor seating is industrial like, like a warehouse-turned-cafe. Consequently, it was quite loud with the echo of voices, especially when seated on a long communal table reserved for groups of two.

IMG_2848 copy

We started off with a juice and iced coffee, and I love anything DIY so was glad to see my coffee come out this way. Presentation-wise it looked a little plain, but the taste made up for that!


Service still manages to be swift despite the bustle. The menu is succinct but it was a struggle for me to choose between the popular hoe cakes and French toast after my food envy of Melbourne Food Blogger/Rob’s French toast last time.

IMG_2853 copyRob went with an artistic piece of cured salmon, that just looked too pretty to eat. The salmon combined with kaffir lime jelly and avocado mousse created a light and delicate taste sensation.
IMG_2852 copyMeanwhile, I guess there’s no surprises as to what I ended up choosing. I think it was the description of coffee custard and coffee caviar that sparked my curiosity. I did not regret it as the almond crusted French toast was ever so lightly crisp, whilst the dashes of lemon curd, rhubarb and flowers just topped off a beautiful dish.

IMG_2849 copy

The creative plating provided a vibrant contrast with the warehouse atmosphere, which I guess adds to the place’s quirk. For a person with an appetite though, I was sure to be hungry again soon after.

The food was light and pretty but I can’t say it tasted amazing enough to make me want to immediately return. It was more an in-and-out dining experience, especially when seated indoors.

Nevertheless it is worth a try if that’s the sort of food that you’re after. Industry Beans is located at 3/62 Rose St, Fitzroy. Check out their menu here.

Industry Beans on Urbanspoon20141026_134700

Meanwhile, we also had another coffee afterwards and Rob took me to one of his favourite coffee places. I recognised the name, Everyday Coffee, from it coming up so often on Instagram. This place prides on its coffee with food as a secondary thought, but it still offers some great snack options such as bagels, donuts and more.

I went with a Candyman espresso with milk and everything seemed excellent from the coffee art to the taste. The milk provided the perfect balance, it wasn’t bitter at all and just exemplified some of Melbourne’s best coffee.

It’s always a pleasure catching up with Rob. We initially connected when he was promoting the app Skip, of which I wrote an article about here. His blogging style is straight and to the point and based on the posting structure of tumblr. Check out his blog here!

Everyday Coffee is located at 33 Johnston St, Collingwood.

Everyday Coffee on Urbanspoon


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